Missions (400x150)For over 125 years, Alliance people have been compelled by the goodness of God and the command of Jesus given through his Great Commission to go into all the earth and make disciples. Though over a century has passed, the vision of our mission has not changed. We go to the ends of the earth where the odds are stacked against us and proclaim the good news of God’s love.

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WGLD International Workers

Kolins (340)

Dan & Katie Kolins   (Spain)

Dan and Katie Kolins formerly served with Envision
in Madrid, Spain. Now they are full-fledged
missionaries with International Ministries. Their
focus is on raising up passionate Christ-followers
from the next generation.

Home Church: Appleton Alliance Church

Year of First Term: 2014

Field Address Information
Dan and Katie Kolins
Calle Pico de la Miel, 2
28770 Colmenar Viejo

Home Phone: (34) 671-788-666

Email: daniel.kolins@gmail.com

Birthdays & Anniversary
Dan - August 7th
Katie - Ocotober 25th

Anniversary - ?

McLoughlin (340)

Valary & Mally McLoughlin   (Germany)

Valary is the assistant in the Europe/Middle East
regional office and the Regional Financial Coordinator
for Europe and the Middle East. She oversees the
bookkeepers in the region, does books for a few
fields, and does audits when needed.

Home Church: Appleton Alliance Church

Year of First Term: 2002

Field Address Information
Valary Mullenix
9 rue Jean Racine
78220 Viroflay

Phone: 011-49-7635-82-77-55

Email: rivergirl007@hotmail.com

Birthdays & Anniversary
Valary - September 28

Mally - ?

Anniversary - ?


Tony and Raeni Roos   (France)

Tony and Raeni are ministering in Paris, France with
Envision. The Roos Family seeks to utilize their home
and local community gatherings to develop
relationships and to share the love of Christ with people
who may feel uncomfortable at church.

Home Church: Plymouth Alliance Church

Year of First Term: 2011

Field Address Information
Rev. & Mrs. Anthony C. Roos
6 Rue Jean Mermoz
78220 Viroflay

Email: roos.droid@gmail.com

Website: www.roos4paris.com

Birthdays & Anniversary
Tony - January 11
Raeni - October 10
Fayth - October 4
Hannah - August 5 Anniversary - February 14


Valerie Stellrecht   (Dominican Republic)

Valerie transitioned from Quito, Ecuador to the
Dominican Republic in January 2008. She is
involved in a number of ministries in the
Dominican Republic. In addition to being the
bookkeeper at the field office, she also works in
Christian Education and music ministries.

Home Church: Lake Park Alliance, Shell Lake

Year of First Term: 1977

Field Address Information
Ms. Valerie Stellrecht
Apartado 2683
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Mail to: c/o Agape Flights DMG 20615
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL 34285

Home Phone: 1-809-565-7062

Email: vstellrecht@yahoo.com

Valerie - September 12


Sam and Jen Stemple   (Germany)

Sam and Jen are working at the Black Forest Academy
in Germany where Sam serves as high school
chaplain. They have four children - Jordan, Ellie,
Matthew, and Katie.

Home Church: Plymouth Alliance Church

Year of First Term: 2002

Field Address Information
Sam and Jen Stemple
Hauptstrasse 55
79400 Kandern

Home Phone: 011-49-7626-973765

Email: stemples@juno.com

Blog: www.thestemples.blogspot.com

Birthdays & Anniversary
Sam - December 18
Jen - May 24
Jordan - November 16
Ellie - April 7
Matthew - March 22
Katrina - December 29
Anniversary - July 13

Thao (340)

Tou Lee and Tang Thao   (Bangkok)

Tou Lee and Tang Thao serve in Bangkok, Thailand
with Envision. Tou Lee is the Evinsion Bangkok
Site Director and focuses on facilitating short-term
trips and reaching the next generation for Christ.

Home Church: Living Stone Alliance Church

Year of First Term: 2010

Field Address Information
Tou Lee and Tang Thao
28/2 Pradipat soi 13
Bankgkok 10400

Home Phone: 011-66-80-910-0102

Email: tangthao3@gmail.com

Birthdays & Anniversary
Tou Lee - December 8
Tang - July 23
Abraham - March 25
Selah - June 17

Anniversary - August 12