Western Great Lakes District C&MA

Church Planting Dream

His Kingdom come, His will be done here as it is in heaven. ~ Matthew 6:10

There are about 6-million people who live in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, most who stand apart from King Jesus' transforming mercy and grace.

We have a dream of...

  • A culture of transformational multiplying discipleship that leads to a culture of church multiplication – It is just who we are and what we do.
  • Local churches taking responsibility for the communities and cities around them, planting multiplying churches. (Theological Conviction – the heart of Jesus / Geographic Responsibility)
  • Strategically seeing the multi-ethnic church, ethnic, and ethnic next-generation churches planted.
  • God raising up a generation of emerging leaders who are about “His kingdom come” across our landscape.
  • Kingdom Partnership with like-minded groups that is about reaching six million-plus.
  • An Acts 1:8 movement that seeks multiplying impact in their own neighborhoods that reaches to the nations.

Our Prayer:

Jesus, show us where you are already at work and show us how we can join you.

Lord of the harvest, raise up workers for the harvest. ~ Luke 10:2