Western Great Lakes District C&MA
Discovery Cohort

What is our vision?

Seeking to identify Hmong Emerging Multiplication Leaders for Kingdom Advance in WI and beyond.

Our Shared Reality

There are about 50,000 Hmong who live in Wisconsin with about 3,500-4,500 in Hmong Alliance Churches. The vast majority of those remaining 50,000 currently stand apart from Jesus. At the same time there is a significant number of young people who have left the church, up to 80% in some places. There is a need for new leaders to lead new churches to reach new people, Hmong emerging leaders can play a significant role in this. There are about 6 million people who live in the state of Wisconsin, most who stand apart from Jesus. Hmong Emerging Multiplication Leaders can play a significant role in reaching many others beyond Hmong through new Next Gen and Multi-ethnic churches.

The Discovery Cohort Journey

The Discovery Cohort is about coming along side potential Hmong Emerging Multiplication Leaders to help them “Discover” Jesus’ invitation to them for Kingdom Advancement through church multiplication, church planters and team members. People who have a holy dissatisfaction and dream of reaching new people with the good news of Jesus, Hmong and non-Hmong through next gen or multi-ethnic expressions of the church.

  • Providing a safe space to wrestle with hard questions, while providing a voice of affirmation.
  • Encouraging emerging leaders to step out in faith and dream God sized dreams.
  • Giving opportunity to wrestle with Jesus leading and cultural challenges.

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