Western Great Lakes District C&MA

Discovery Cohort Journey

Intimacy with Jesus – Who we are and what we do all comes from our relationship and intimacy with Jesus. Jesus is always more interested in who we are than what we can do, inviting us into a real and safe relationship where deep transformation can take place. Information is important but not the objective. Your True identity is found in Christ; fully accepted, fully significant, fully secure.

Kingdom Advance – It is not about us, it is all about the King and His Kingdom, the creator and sustainer of Life. Jesus invites us to seek first His kingdom and for us to partner and join with him as kingdom agents in advancing the Kingdom of Light, doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. The grand picture of the Kingdom of God is every tongue, tribe, and nation worshipping before the throne together, that is the Kings heart for now and later!

Emotions when Jesus Leads – God created us in His image with the ability to experience deep emotions. In a fallen world, emotions can be challenging as we have all experienced a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative. We need to pay attention to our emotions but at the same time need to hear the voice of Jesus over the voice of our emotions as He will often times lead us in deep faith to uncomfortable places or way out of our comfort zones in the advancement of His Kingdom in and through us.

Transitions – Life if full of transitions, many in which happen to us that we have to figure out how to navigate throughout our lifetime. As a Hmong American there are unique transitions that we face; navigating cultural norms and practices, generational expectations, traditions and changes, as well as other societal constructs. This requires the next generation to wrestle with the transitions of what does the church look like now and in the future.

Lamenting and Healing – Everyone has hurts and disappointments as they walk through life. As a Hmong Americans there are unique challenges that need lamenting and healing. Lamenting loss (change) is a beautiful invitation from King Jesus, as well as healing form the wounds, hurts and disappointments that have come from family, friends, leadership; both Hmong and non-Hmong.

Next Gen / Multi-ethnic – God’s Kingdom is advancing and He is inviting us all to join Him in what He is doing. At the heart of this advancement is the launching of new churches, reaching new people. At the same time significant demographic changes are taking place and the face of America is becoming more and more diverse. Revelation 7 speaks of every tribe, tongue and nation gathering before the throne of God, we don’t think that that is just in heaven but God’s heart beat is that that is happening here and now. Hmong emerging leaders are key player in God’s kingdom army to the future of the multiplication of the church.