Western Great Lakes District C&MA

Discovery Cohort Multiplication Initiative

Six plus years ago a number of friendships began between a number of Hmong Pastors / marketplace leaders and the leadership of the Western Great Lakes District. This friendship developed into an informal gathering which was later called the Multiplication Initiative. We would gather regularly to dream and pray about how God might use us together for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Through the year’s different ones have come and gone as life has taken them to different places of ministry but the picture here represents the group that for the last few years has prayed, dreamed, and worked towards the idea of a “Discovery Cohort” for emerging Hmong Multiplication leaders! I, Doug, am deeply indebted to this group of men who have taught me so much about life, faith, and grace!! You all are true friends; it is a joy to do ministry with you! To those who were a part of this in the early years, this is a fruit of your dreams a labors. All for the King!!

Daniel Vang, Zach Her, Kx. Stuvy Yang, Kx. Jimmy Yang, Doug Jerred


To discern where and how Jesus is at work and join Him in igniting a movement of kingdom-minded Hmong Emerging Leaders for the multiplication of disciples and churches for all.


Identifying, developing, and empowering emerging leaders to plant multiplying next gen and multi-ethnic churches across the Upper Midwest.

Core Values

Kingdom Priorities – “Our first loyalty is to King Jesus and His heart for His kingdom to come here on earth.”

Discipleship Culture – “Our first responsibility is to the discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20) of people into the character and priorities of Jesus (Transformation), thus becoming and being the church.

Empowering and Equipping Leaders – “Our commitment is to strategically empower, equip and release leaders for the reaching of all generations and nations.”

Partnership / Collaboration – “Our attitude is that we are better together, therefore seeing strategic partnership and Kingdom collaboration develop for the glory of the King and the advancement of the kingdom.”

Local Church – “Our conviction is that the local church is God’s primary tool for kingdom multiplication and that it is God’s heart for the church to multiply.”

Multiplication – “Our resolve is to see a contagious movement of the multiplication of churches to all people take root, starting in Wisconsin and spreading beyond.”