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Love is Here

2022 Alliance Christmas Offering

This Christmas, your U.S. Alliance family is coming together to extend Emmanuel’s presence among the world’s overlooked, oppressed, and displaced—and all those who have yet to hear the good news of great joy. I want to invite your church to join in this year’s Alliance Christmas offering: Love Is Here. As we celebrate Emmanuel being with us, would you highlight this special Alliance offering in your church so that together we could continue to proclaim that Love Is Here to the nations?

Converge 2023

Theme: “Finishing the Task in Challenging Times”

Dates: January 8-12, 2023

Where: Embassy Suites in Dublin, OH (near Columbus)

More info and register at cmaconverge.org

Registration ends December 9th, 2022

Finishing the Task in Challenging Times

We live in a time when taking all of Jesus to all the world is getting more and more difficult. More countries are hostile to Christianity, and more people seem far from God. There are more false teachings, less healthy resources available, and fewer people ready for life-long commitments to missions.

Yet, the task has not changed, and your role as a missions leader is more important than ever. That, then, may lead you to ask the question, “How do I prepare my church and my people to finish the task during these challenging times?”

At Converge 2023, we will explore this question as we tackle many important issues such as:

- Why does The Alliance go to the hardest and riskiest places in the world, and how do I best communicate the Alliance strategies to my church?

- How does my church navigate the realities of supporting the work in these hard places?

- How can my church care for international workers struggling with growing pressures and stress?

- What role is there for short-term missions in the future?

- How does my church raise up new workers to be well-prepared to finish the task?

- How can we use technology to reach the nations?

Converge is a great reminder that you are not alone—we are better when we focus on this mission together. Converge reminds us that we are part of a unique, end-times family with a rich history of taking the best news to the hardest places.

The Great Commission Fund

The Alliance is funded primarily through generous tax-deductible donations given by individuals, churches, foundations, ministries, and other like-minded organizations.

There are two main streams of giving to The Alliance that flow into what we call the Great Commission Fund.

Refer to the following link for the 2023 Funding Quick Guide.

Great Commission Fund (cmalliance.org)